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Gnrgy’s cutting-edge products focus on efficient energy usage in low cost and user-friendly solutions varying from smart plugs and USB keys to remote controls.

Entering energy efficiency into your home and office

Either from a computer, a mobile device, web or a crisp LCD remote control, the user can control and be informed on the power delivered to any electric appliance at home and office, save 10% to 15% off your residential electricity bill and a larger fraction off your office’s electricity bill, become aware of his appliances’ efficiency compared to similar devices, and protect them against surges and wear out.

Providing smart modular electric vehicle and equipment charger

A modular EV charging spot with integrated authentication and billing system which allows only authorized hook-ups, to avoid power theft, and automatically routes the charge billing to the user’s account.


eXtremeRF Black eXtremeRF Gateway Energy Gauger_eu PowerPath clamper

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eXtremeRF Datasheet